The foothills at Suzuka Mountains foster Kabuse-cha in the Ise, Japan

At the center of happy family get-togethers, you will find Japanese tea.

As manufacturers of Japanese tea, we have been producing Japanese tea using our special method unchanged since our founding in 1945. We aim to be a company that values our customers though our development, proposition and sales services that take into account current needs.

At the center of happy family get-togethers, you will find Japanese tea. We devote ourselves on a daily basis to our goal of being able to provide this kind of heart-warming tea with consistent high-quality.

Tea is a food product, and it must be safe and secure. At MARUYASU, we have obtained ISO22000 Food Safety Management System certification, and we provide customers with safe and secure tea.

about Flavor

about Flavor

The five human senses are important for producing quality tea.
Craftsmen personally check the flavor, the color of the liquid and the fragrance, and produce the kind of tea that customers prefer using specialized skills.

about Production

about Production

The pasteurization process is seen as the most important step in tea manufacturing. When turning dried leaves into finished tea, seasonal changes in humidity and temperature affect flavor through the processes of pasteurization. We conduct multiple sensory tests during this process to create tea that is satisfactory to our customers.

Obtained FSSC22000 Food Safety System certification.

FSSC22000認定書 FSSC22000認定書

FSSC22000 Food Safety System certification

Organic JAS Certified Factory

The health powers possessed by Japanese tea are being increasingly reexamined with the recent health boom. The anti-oxidizing powers of tea affect our bodies and are thought to be helpful in preventing aging and a variety of illnesses. We manufacture and sell healthy Japanese tea by stocking Organic JAS ingredients that were grown in rich natural environments.


Company Profile

Founded October, 1945
Incorporated October 1st, 1990
Officers Chairperson: Keita Yasuda
CEO: Shin Yasuda
Address 4980, Suizawacho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, 512-1105, Japan
Phone +81-59-329-3311 (Direct Phone)
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